DAY 3 . Wed 17 Jun

residents presentations…


Diego Bonetto presents previous projects and his proposal for the A Weed Game for Tough Times’ project – a computer game using ruderal botanical species as subjects in an attempt to create and accessible environment within which to foster ecological connection – aimed initially for children but also for adults.




Diego del Pozo Barriuso presents his work and proposal for unidee, ‘Net Working Atlas’. This Project is a compendium of works (series of drawings, videos…), that by using the scheme ideas, the map, the diagram, and the re-montage, manages to accomplish a poetical trip through the different strategies of the most critical alternative social and cultural movements of the European context.



Cecilia Guida presents her proposal for unidee, ‘L’archivio delle idée dimenticate’ (The archive of forgotten ideas). A collection of forgotten ideas and a collection of thoughts and projects that are pleasing, but for whatever reason don’t work well and have consequently been kept apart. People are asked to remember an idea that has been forgotten and unused in order to create an archive. The project will involve input from fellow residents as well as a greater public .



One response to “DAY 3 . Wed 17 Jun

  1. hello , I´d like to comment to the project “shop window”
    since 2006 I am running a similar project in Herford, Germany. It is called “Kiosk24”
    the place was first used by Jan Hoet as an experimental showroom besides our museum MARTa. when he stopped I began the work as curatorand artist.
    You can have a look at
    this year applications for shows can be send by artists as well as by curators.
    Via webcam a series of reconceptualizing lectures will be hold soon, in cooperation with other criss cross spaces.
    I would like to invite interested artists and curators to cooperate, do not hesitae to contact me.
    looking forward for you comments, best wishes
    susanne albrecht

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