DAY 4 . Thu 18 Jun

workshop with Paolo Naldini…



three separate groups brainstorm on the theme of what is responsible creativity? what is a socially responsible transformation?






Jason Waite introduces UNI-Topia…

UNI-Topia was conceived during the 2007 unidee in residence, as a resident led programme of events for unidee students during Italy’s traditional august break  when most bars, businesses…everything close for the month. For more info on the original programme go to In subsequent years, the unidee residents have been given a budget and encouraged to create their own UNI-Topia programme. It’s entirely up to the residents to programme and manage the budget for their own august UNI-Topia.


presentation of the Production Office…

Head of the Production Office Armona Pistoletto and collaborator Francesca Minero present past and ongoing projects with ex unidee members and also propose new projects to the 2009 residents.

D_Art Lab and Cubes in Motion projects were presented. Both ongoing projects involve the collaboration between local businesses, products and artisans, with a pool of ex unidee artists and designers to develop socially responsible objects and products.


Illy – residents were proposed to come up with a design to surround the tins that contain illy coffee. For further cittadellarte collaborations with illy go to


A further collaboration has been proposed, this time with local ceramic firm Bielline. Residents have been asked to conceive of an object made from clay, that cannot just be decorative, it must have a practical purpose, other than that it can be absolutely anything but has to be made from clay. Selected submissions will be prototyped and possibly put into production.


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