DAY 9 . Tue 23 Jun


WORKSHOP ‘Sometimes doing something poetic can become political, and sometimes doing something political can become poetic.’
by Marko Stamenkovic

The starting point of the workshop puts into focus the proposed relation between the art and society as distinctive and/or complementary fields of investigation. Departing from the relevancy of such a proposition for each and every participant involved, the objective is to try and understand a set of different approaches towards the issue. There are different ways of understanding the reasons why such a relationship exists; the workshop will therefore attempt to understand – from singular perspectives – what are the urgencies for today in forcing this issue. It will attempt to be of pragmatic value, in relation to each and every workshop participant, and to recognize how this frame relates to their respective contexts and methods of work. By means of “reading” together the selected visual and textual materials, the main reference point and a critical case study to be examined is a 2002 project “When Faith Moves Mountains” by a Belgian artist Francis Alÿs. The project was realized in Peru as a process and a result of the collaboration with Cuauhtémoc Medina and Rafael Ortega, together with a multitude of local volunteers aiming towards a common and seemingly paradoxical goal. It is within the atmosphere of absurdity and paradox that this socially relevant artistic practice will be put into focus. As a point of intersection between this case study and the potential project-based works by the 2009 UNIDEE participants, the intention of the workshop is to analyse and recognize the advantages and disadvantages, possibilities and impossibilities, successes and failures stemming from the preliminary conviction that “art plays the central role in the social transformation”, as well as that “the role of an artist is inseparable from the activation of social relations”. For more info on Marko Stamenkovic click here

workshop organised by  Judith Wielander and Juan Esteban Sandoval from the Cittadelarte Art Office′

residents presentations…


David Behar-Perahia talks about his work and his project for UNIDEE, ‘Molding Out Fear’ The projects deals with the phenomenon of fear in a given place, for a given community and situation, in order to acknowledge and understand it and deal with it for the sake of its dissolve. All done through the use of language of art.



Saioa Olmo Alonso talks about her past and current projects and the project she will develop during the residency, ‘Futurize. Future Scenes Through Arts’. Imagining the desirable future but focusing on the case study in artistic expressions: researching how foresights are imagined, visualised and displayed in art disciplines, taking advantage of the differential aspects that the artistic field can offer.


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