DAY 10 . Wed 24 Jun

residents presentations…


Hani Amra presents his project ‘The Dazzled Eye’:
The city of Jerusalem and its suburbs are constantly subject to transformation, demolition and reconstruction. In this shattered landscape there are echoes of the less visible but not less chaotic movement at work within my society. This relation between the visible out world and the invisible silent course of things is the essence of the project.


Asiya Wadud talks about her project ‘Forage Oakland’

– a backyard surplus fruit barter network. Anyone who has surplus backyard fruit can sign up for the project. This project works to address how we eat and live in the city every day, and how we can make small interventions that ultimately work to connect us to our neighbours. This project has been recently featured in The New York Times.


Natalia Gil Medina talks about her past and current projects and presents her research project ‘Arts and Politics’:
Strengthening the links between arts and politics via generating general interest in the Art Faculty of the Universidad of Antioquia, activating research projects and artistic practices focused on social transformation and politics which can link art students at the university, and spreading research and art practices regarding art, politics and social transformation in Colombia.


frisbee and football by night…


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