DAY 11 . Thur 25 Jun

residents presentations…


Camille de Galbert shows one of her videos and explains her project for UNIDEE: ‘Random Dialogues’.
Using Anne Calas’s project How to get out or the snail’s logic ( as a starting point, Camille plans to create a 20 video installation that will reflect the interactions between Anne Calas and the 20 people with whom she has corresponded. The Biella residency will be dedicated to the realization of this video installation and will be centered around non-realistic portraits that have roots in the material and non-material world.


Julia Staniszewska talks about the project ‘Shop Window [‘Witryna’]’.
Founded in September 2007 with the curator Agnieska Sural, ‘Shop Window [‘Witryna’] is a 6m2 non-profit art space in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. Artists are invited in order to create site-specific projects within the space, with seven exhibitions having so far taken place.


Sumakshi Singh talks about her work and presents the two projects she wishes to develop during the residency: ‘Graffiti Boards’ and ‘Lady of Shallot’.
The first consists in collecting images from the community and adhering them layer over layer to form a ‘graffiti board’, inviting the public to scratch messages and images onto it for two months. The second project is about
the mapping and weaving perception in a specific site related to the textile mills. These ‘illusions’ will be woven or knitted onto the actual architectural surfaces and furniture with participation from the community. The image of illusion will be based on the textile mill and its objects as relevant to the people in the community.


Marcela Ceballos shows images of her work and explais her project: ‘Reassessing our Senses: From Garbage to Ludic Objects’.
The project is a consolidation of a whole methodology to generate, firstly in this community, a trademark involving people in the creation of ludic objects made in a collective way with trash and generate some extra income.


2 responses to “DAY 11 . Thur 25 Jun

  1. Dora Elena Gonzalez

    This proyect is very interesting because generate a different conception in the comunity about of the garbage and produce an opportunity to get not only extra money but participating proyects..

  2. Hugo Ceballos

    The joint of art, aestthetic, usefulness and recovery are visible in this project and create a culture in the community deeply human

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