DAY 46 THU 30 Jul


spanish resident Saioa Olmo Alonso:

“Desires, wishes, dreams. How far can we go with them? How far do we want to go with them? Do we even start to blow the bubble?

Desires as the starting point for creating new scenarios of the future. Desires are the motor of our actions, of our behaviours, of the changes we provoke. How are desires generated? Do they come from a strong emotion? Do they come from a strong conviction? Are they induced by others? Are there desires that we are not even conscious of having?

Bubbles as a methaphor for desires. Shape them. Let them fly. In one way or another they will finally land.”



This afternoon there is a presentation from Pr. Pier Luigi Celli, Director of the Luiss Guido Carlo University, Rome


«We need a new dirigent class far from corruption and mediocrity»
(interview, L’indipendente)

Prof. Celli held an interesting conversation with the residents about the current economical crisis. He also spoke about his recently published book on management: Commandare é fottere.

click here for more on Prof. Pier Luigi Celli



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