DAY 86 TUES 8 Sept

More about “Archplace”:

“Archplace” is a space at the Pistoletto Foundation, taken over by the artist-in-residence of Unidee 2009.  It was once called “Roggia” or “canale d’aqua”, because through it flowed water supplying three neighboring factories. It consists of a small basement area with an arch-shaped opening, with a surface of 7 m2. Housed in the foundations of the building where the Michelangelo Pistoletto collection and arte povera are displayed, this is the one part, which has yet to be renovated. It has now become a space for art: a proposal to experiment and interact in an improvised and spontaneous way within a concrete space inside Cittadellarte. Performances, site-specific installations, collaborations by the residents and works in progress can all be found there. It is a place where the residents of Unidee can communicate, through art, with the “Cittadini” and the public. Following the principle of the project-room, works are created here specifically to match the space. Most often, they take the form of three-day exhibits.  The architecture office of Cittadellarte is also currently working on a project to return that space to its original function. In the meantime, it is art which is flowing there. The “Archplace” space was initiated by Julia Staniszewska and David Behar-Perahia.

IMGP2692 Saioa Olmo’s “Hidden Desires”


One response to “DAY 86 TUES 8 Sept

  1. Marce, te pusiste UNIDEE de ruana!

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