DAY 88 THU 10 Sept


nap time…


current project by resident Diego del Pozo Barriuso:



The proposed project is an installation with drawings, banknotes and a video.

These banknotes have special stamps indicating their expiration on a certain date. The video shows different reactions of diverse people about a fictional situation where All our money will expire in five years; like food or medicine. These persons explain what they will do in this particular situation. Some of them express their doubts about this new system to the audience.

In our economic system a small minority have the power to dictate the ownership and power systems of money and also its value in our culture. I would like to create a space to illustrate our monetary system and the contradictions of democracy therein. Many limiting situations in our life are assumed to be natural. History and fictitious stories are fundamental vehicles in the elaboration of my works. I would like to create new ‘fictions’ in order to visualize alternative economic networks that think and work towards constructing a righter economic system.

My works reflect the concept of exchange as well as the existing relationships between economy and subjectivity (personal or collective, ideological and emotional). Amongst other things, I am interested in production methodologies and how the overall logic of the production system might model our emotions and identity; furthermore I am interested in how these systems are actually able to regulate inter-personal relationships, especially concerning affection (in both in the personal and professional spheres).

entrevistas blanco y negro_38entrevistas blanco y negro_42entrevistas blanco y negro_62entrevistas blanco y negro_71



the making of a catalogue cover…1




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