DAY 92 mon 14 Sept

DSC08751visiting the now demolished site of the Isola Art & Community Center in milan this past weekend


Somebody switched off summer, and its raining,  actually we are kind of near Lodigiano, the triangle formed by Lodi-Milan-Pavia, which is supposed to be one of the most productive agricultural areas in the world, thanks to amongst other things, the aforementioned RAIN, but we digress…

i guess at this stage there is almost nothing and almost everything to blog about. “nothing”, in that at this later stage the flow of  visitors slows down to accommodate space for project development and the realisation and execution of residents’ projects,  and everything, in that obviously the results of 4 months of co-habitation, co-operation, co-occurence, co-respondence, co-llaboration and co-alsence are starting to emerge to varying degrees of panic and jubilation in the face of numerous deadlines…the best is yet to come.



One response to “DAY 92 mon 14 Sept

  1. oh, text?
    you actually started to bring some content outside of images alone?
    i like it, keep it coming, we wonna hear bitching and rumors, dig out the dirt, and hopes of a lengthy experience..or maybe this official forum is not the place for it, but hey, it would bring in readers!
    well done, keep it coming, i like your style!

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