DAY 93 tue 15 Sept

part of the archplace series of interventions:

resident Cecilia Guida



Two years ago I received a violin as a gift. I was surprised because I’m not able to play it. I would need time, energy and above all will to learn. But I don’t want to do it. I don’t have an ear for music; when I was child I took piano lessons but unsuccessfully, I had problems with rhythm and I was often out of time. I still remember the frustration, maybe the first one, the big one, I felt. When Julia and David talked to us about Archplace, I thought to use this space to do an action with the violin. I will stay there for two days during which I will disassemble it, remove the varnish with sand paper, re-paint it with white colour and finally reassemble it. With this intervention I will transform the violin from an instrument to be used into an object to be admired. This is the only meaning I can give to an incomprehensible gift I received from my father.



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