DAY 100 tues 22 Sept

Posting from a distance…


Ok so maybe thursday’s entry  was not quite the last of my posts for this blog (drama queen that i am). I have left “the building” for the last time this UNIDEE, but i am still watching and participating as much as i can from afar, so maybe it is time for a little reflection. My own unidee experience in 2004 literally changed my life. I came to biella  for 4 months directly after a masters from edinburgh college of art and ended up staying for nearly 5 years!!!!, living and working in italy collaborating with cittadellarte.  I made strong, strong connections and friendships both personal and professional in those first 4 months, i changed my practice, from solitary to collaborative, i learned the advantages of the group,  i broadened my ambition in what i could achieve, i dipped my toes into design and graphics, i learned how to deal with never ending meetings in a foreign language, i even learned a new language. Above everything, all the opportunities and experiences that came my way during that time, the most enduring gift i was left with was my peers, and an intensive collective experience that can only be understood by those who are sharing it simultaneously with you. What a surprise to experience it all again with the beautiful people of UNIDEE 2009, to be inspired again by other peoples work and energy and to make good friends, strange to relive familiar experiences and to see other people maybe being affected by this residence the way i was, i hope it is life changing for someone else too.



edinburgh from blackford hill (1405.092 km from biella as the crow flies)


2 responses to “DAY 100 tues 22 Sept

  1. Marga nos haces falta!!! Qué hermoso el paisaje. Muchos abrazos

  2. Marga preciosa!!! Gracias por recordarnos, gracias por todo. Un abrazo!!!

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