Day 123, Thurs 15 Oct

The last few UNIDEE (or should I say ‘MANYDEE’) residents are packing their bags, desperately trying to squeeze all the newly acquired purchases into their suitcases. If only bottles of wine and packets of Biellese biscuits were retractable.

We’ve begun to dismantle the exhibitions, so the UNIDEE space is looking dishearteningly bare.  However, to lift our spirits, we celebrated the last morning with coffee,  ciocolata calda and brioche in Ferrua. Some parts of saying goodbye aren’t that bad at all.

So this is our final farewell. To all the residents, it has been a complete joy to work with every one of you. We all know that we’ll see each other again (you can’t escape the inevitable pull of Cittadellarte), so there’s no need for (any more) tears. Good luck with all your future ventures and don’t forget us when you’re famous.  I guess all that’s left to say is:

‘Ciao ciao, buona fortuna e speriamo che ci vediamo a presto!’


View of Biella from Parco Burcina


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