2.Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto

Cittadellarte aims to inspire people towards responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects.

Cittadellarte – Fondazione Pistoletto was founded in 1998 as the physical embodiment of the Progetto Arte Manifesto (1994) with which the artist Michelangelo Pistoletto proposed a new role for the artist: the role of creating an interaction between all the diverse spheres of human activity that form the society.

Cittadellarte is a huge laboratory where creativity acts as the crossing point between the diverse cultural, economical and productive sectors. It is a massive generator of energy, and a place for rethinking things, for sharing views, for studying and for doing research.

The name ‘Cittadellarte’ incorporates two meanings — that of a citadel, namely a protected and defended area where artistic projects can be nurtured and developed, and that of a city, which suggests openness and complex interrelations with the world.

The activities of Cittadellarte are based on a vision of ‘creative involvement’, where art interacts directly with all dimensions of the social system — from economics to politics, from science to production, from education to behaviour — in order to achieve a responsible transformation in human civilisation.

To achieve its mission — to inspire people towards responsible change in society through ideas and creative projects — Cittadellarte has chosen a systematic approach, where all activities are focused on five basic objectives, and structured through a range of offices, which are called ‘Uffizi’, and carefully chosen model projects.

The Uffizi are the operational nuclei of the organisation and each one of them conducts its own activities in a specific area of our social system and aims at creating important signals that can inspire people towards a responsible change in society. The currently active offices are devoted to art, communication, economics, education, nutrition, politics, production, spirituality and work.

The logo of Cittadellarte clearly shows this division in Uffizi as well as the connections between one operational area and another, and suggests the level of development of the Uffizi. In fact the logo is more than just an image, it is a living graphic that can change over time to reflect the organic functioning and the growth of the organisation.

The Fondazione Pistoletto is supported by the Piedmont Region and the Municipality of Biella, and is located in a disused textile mill by the river Cervo in Biella.



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