3.Residents and Projects

Asiya Wadud (USA / UNIDEE Partial Grant)

asiya2Born in Washington, DC , Asiya Wadud moved to Oakland, California in 2004. In 2008 she established Forage Oakland, a neighborhood backyard barter network for residents of Oakland. The projects aims to streamline the redistribution of the tremendous surplus of backyard fruit. Neighborhood maps that chart the exact locations of public and private fruit trees have been created to give one an idea of the sheer bounty of backyard produce. Asiya spends her days bicycling around her North Oakland neighborhood mapping fruit trees locations, and meeting her neighbors through the communal exchange of fruit, and charts her activities at www.forageoakland.blogspot.com.

Project: ‘Forage Oakland’
While at Cittadellarte, I would like to begin work on a neighborhood backyard barter guide. The guide will hopefully be used by those in other Northern California communities who would like to establish similar backyard fruit barter network in their communities.  The guide will serve as a framework for establishing such a project and can, of course, be amended to fit a community’s own needs.

Bona Park (South Korea / UNESCO-Aschberg Grant)

bona2Born in Seoul. Living and working in Seoul and London, Bona Park has BA degrees in English Literature, Mass Communication, and Fine Art in Korea and MFA degree from Goldsmiths College, the University of London, U.K.
She was selected as a new face artist by a monthly magazine, ‘Art in Culture’ in 2006. After finishing her study in Goldsmiths last year, she had a solo show in The Room, Total Museum, Seoul and published a story book, titled X, XX, X2 as the result of the show, which was supported by the Seoul Culture Foundation. More information on her works: www.bonapark.co.uk

Project: I came to the residency program one month later than the other artists as I was informed that I could replace one empty position, which a Rwandan artist – Jean de Dieu Minani- could not make because of his visa problem. Though he was awarded the UNESCO-Aschberg Bursary for Artists, the Italian government did not allow him to come to Italy. As a result, his scholarship came to me. While I have been trying to work on my project that is to find a missing Italian woman in Biella, for about 2 months, what I have found is not her, but an absent Rwandan artist- Minani and a Korean artist who replaces his absence. My project will be about this missing relationship between the three of us related to the system problem in Italy.

Camille de Galbert (France / Fondation pour la Creation Contemporaine – Institut de France Grant)

camileAfter studying classical and modern dance at the National Conservatory of Grenoble and at workshops with Carolyn Carlson at the Cartoucherie de Vincennes, Camille de Galbert left for New York in 2003 where she spent three years studying dance at the Merce Cunningham school. After a serious knee injury, she began to work as an artist and dedicated herself to painting, collages and multimedia projects. Her work as an artist and her training as a dancer awakened an interest in video. In 2005, having officially retired as a dancer, she decided to study at the New York Film Academy. In 2006 she projected her first videos at the Merce Cunningham Studio and in Chelsea. Today she works as a filmmaker, spending time in New York and Paris and in January 2008 she founded her own production company, LightHouse Films (www.light-house-films.com). Her first video exhibition takes place in Grenoble in June 2009.

Project: ‘Random Dialogues’
Using Anne Calas’s project How to get out or the snail’s logic (www.annecalas.com) as a starting point, an initiative that is based upon the movement from oneself to another, from the interior to the exterior and is achieved through written correspondence, images and sound, Camille de Galbert plans to create a 20 video installation that will reflect the interactions between Anne Calas and the 20 people with whom she has corresponded. The Biella residency will be dedicated to the realization of this video installation and will be centered around non-realistic portraits that have roots in the material and non-material world. The participants are identified by their passport number, which is based upon the date that they became involved with the snail project.

Cecilia Guida (Italy / IULM Partial Grant)


Cecilia lives and works between Milan and Rome. She is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the IULM University of Milan where she is conducting research on the relationship between collaborative practices of art and new technologies intended as social space. She collaborates with the Fashion Design Degree Course of IUAV University of Treviso, La Sapienza University of Rome, Domus Academy and Fine Arts Academy of Rome. She curated exhibitions in museums, galleries, public and non-profit spaces, such as “TM. Tribù della memoria” (Galleria Nazionale di Arte Moderna, Rome, 2005), “www.mappadiroma.it” (Fondazione Baruchello, Rome, 2007), “Aprés le diner sur l’herbe” (Villa dei Quintili, Rome, 2007), “Menu” (Spaziorazmataz, Prato, 2007),  “Fuori contesto” (Bologna, Milan, Trento/Bolzano/Rovereto, 2008), “Datti tempo” (neon>campobase, Bologna, 2009 and Tank Space for Performing and Visual Arts, New York, 2009).

Project: ‘L’archivio delle idée dimenticate’
A collection of forgotten ideas and a collection of thoughts and projects that are pleasing, but for whatever reason don’t work well and have consequently been kept apart. People are asked to remember an idea that has been forgotten and unused in order to create an archive.

David Behar-Perahia (Israel / Snait Grant)

davidDavid Behar-Perahia is an Israeli artist working mostly within a site-specific approach. In his work he is researching the notion of place to discover the layers that compose a local context. During David’s processes he asks questions on the physical process of active perception, the participative “spectator”, and the appropriate use of materials for a given situation. David’s interventions in site/place/context achieve to convey anew people’s perspective about their locality and welcomes to establish a strong sense for a place. The context of his recent work ranges from the social-cultural-historical to the natural-phenomenal. David approaches art from different fields of practice: Physics, Chemistry and Architecture, a multi faceted background that manifests a unique way to curve out meaning from a given situation.
David has completed his BFA Sculpture at Cheltenham School of Fine Art, Gloucestershire University in 2001, and since then he has exhibited extensively in Israel, the U.K., France, Italy and Greece. He is a Fulbright scholar pursuing a Ph.D. in Architecture at the Technion, Israel. Documentation of his work can be viewed on: www.davidbehar.net

Project: ‘Moulding Out of Fear’
The projects deals with the phenomenon of fear in a given place, for a given community and situation, in order to acknowledge and understand it and deal with it for the sake of its dissolve. All we done through the use of language of art.

Diego Bonetto (Italy-Australia / UNIDEE Partial Grant / HLTAS Grant)

DSC06746Diego Bonetto is an interdisciplinary artist living and working in Sydney, Australia.
Originally from Torino, Italy, since migrating to Australia has been involved in various collaborative ventures and is a key member of artist’ collective SquatSpace and the co-operatively owned printing facility BigFAGPress. Diego’s practice span from socially engaged projects like the Redfern/Waterloo Tour of Beauty to environmental campaigns with the WeedyConnection project, where he start from his background as a dairy farmer in Italy to bring forward an argument for a more culturally aware interpretation of the landscape. In a recent interview, Josephine Skinner sums up Bonetto’s practice as:
So what is the point?  Firstly, sustainability is a wider concept of social responsibility than traditional green issues such as recycling and renewable energy, and for Bonetto as with other contemporary artists, creating sustainable alternatives takes form through grass roots democracy, institutional critique, the dematerialisation of the art object, and in making radical shifts in the role of artist and audiences 1. But as the word ‘sustainable’ can prefix anything from art to artichokes, understanding Diego Bonetto’s art means looking to the overlooked. http://www.weedyconnection.com/. Diego made it to Unidee thanks to a grant from the NSW government,Australia, the Helen Lempriere Traveling Art Scholarship.

Project: ‘A Weed Game for Tough Times’
A computer game using ruderal botanical species as subjects in an attempt to create and accessible environment within which to foster ecological connection. The aims are both ludic and didactic, trying to draw attention to the botanical possibilities inhabiting the various bioregional realities of this planet.

Diego Del Pozo Barriuso (Spain / Hangar)

diego2Diego del Pozo Barriuso lives and works in Madrid. He studied at the Faculty of Fine Art in Salamanca and Madrid, and at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam. Artist and cultural producer, he develops projects about the social production of the body and identity.
His work is based on his concern about affection, love and desire and the way in which these emotions, associated with subjective, private experience are conditioned by our social environment, by power and by production methods. His work is based on the idea that social control mechanisms are interiorised by individuals, and he shows how the cracks in these tools of power come into conflict and create contradictions within us. Using different techniques and media- drawing, installations, video…- he brings us face to face with a reality in which our desires, which we assume to be our own and private, are exposed as constructions that prompt consumption or social control.
He also works with the group C.A.S.I.T.A. His work forms part, among other collections, of the collection of the MUSAC of León, Spain, and of the collection of DA2, the Centre of Contemporary Art of Salamanca, Spain.

Project: ‘Net Working Atlas’
On my stay in the Pistoletto Foundation, I would like to focus the investigation for Net Working Atlas on the context of the North of Italy.
This Project is a compendium of works (series of drawings, videos…), that by using the scheme ideas, the map, the diagram, and the re-montage, manages to accomplish a poetical trip through the different strategies of the most critical alternative social and cultural movements of the European context.

Hani Amra (Palestine / Qattan Grant)

hani2Born in Martinique, and living in Jerusalem, Hani Amra has a Masters degree in Arabic Literature and Civilization from the Sorbonne, France, and a BA in Fine Arts from Aix en Provence University, France. Group exhibitions include ‘Artist of the Year ‘, Qattan Foudation, Al-Mahatta Gallery, Ramallah, Palestine, 2008, ‘Young Artists from Palestine’, Algerian Cultural Center, Paris, France, 2006. Solo exhibitons include ‘Talammusat’, Hammam al-Ayn, East Jerusalem, 2007, ‘Untitled’, French Cultural Center, Ramallah and Jerusalem 1999, ‘Untitled’, French Cultural Center, Ramallah, 1998. Publications include ‘Talmmusat’, photographs with poetry, 2007.

Project: ‘The Dazzled Eye’
The city of Jerusalem and its suburbs are constantly subject to transformation, demolition and reconstruction. In this shattered landscape there are echoes of the less visible but not less chaotic movement at work within my society. This relation between the visible out world and the invisible silent course of things is the essence of the project.

Julia Staniszewska (Poland / Pépinières Grant)

gulia2Julia lives and works in Warsaw, and has a diploma from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux -Arts de Paris, France. Her exhibitions include A place I know well, PROGR, Bern, CH (group) and She documentalists, Zacheta National Gallery, Warsaw, PL (group), 2008, Betonowe Dziedzictwo, Od Le Corbusiera do blokersów, Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw, PL (group) and Reality Effect, Zacheta National Gallery of Art, Warsaw, PL (group), 2007.
Publications include She documentalists, catalogue, 2008, Reality Effect, catalogue, 2006, Temps d’Images Festival, catalogue, 2006, A côté rêve un sphinx accroupi, catalogue, 2004, Vous étes ici, catalogue, 2003, Paris-varsovie 24 heures sans arret, art book, and Des Territoires en Revue 5, catalogue, 2001.

Project: ‘Shop Window [‘Witryna’]’
Founded in September 2007 with the curator Agnieszka Sural, ‘Shop Window [‘Witryna’] is a 6m2 non-profit art space in the centre of Warsaw, Poland. Artists are invited in order to create site-specific projects within the space, with seven exhibitions having so far taken place.

Marcela Ceballos (Colombia / Pacefuturo Grant)

DSC06739My name is Marcela. I was born in Medellin, Colombia. I started college and picked Industrial Design for me, to make objects and toys. Then I realised the fact of relating those things I had created with people, so I started to dedicate my time to match all the technical and academic knowledge with the purpose of transmitting emotions and using the most of the time cold and profitable industrial design to transform its results in to a tool that provides a warmer way to see and live people’s environment. Through this time I have worked getting industrial design tools to some communities of my city, providing the knowledge I have to them and really trying to take theirs, which is very important to me, with gratitude.

Project: ‘Reassessing our Senses: From Garbage to Ludic Objects’
The neighbourhood of Moravia has been growing around garbage for years. The project is a consolidation of a whole methodology to generate, firstly in this community, a trademark involving people in the creation of ludic objects made in a collective way with trash and generate some extra income.

Natalia Gil Medina (Colombia / Universidad de Antioquia Grant)

natiNatalia Gil was born in Medellín, Colombia. At the age of 8 she started taking ballet and drama lessons, since then she fell in love with arts. In 2003 went on a trip to The USA in an exchange student program with The Rotary Club for a year. She graduated from high school in 2005 and studied Communications at the University of Antioquia for year and a half. In 2006 worked for El Firulete Dance Company in Dubai and after this experience decided to go back to Colombia to start her studies in Fine Arts.

Project: ‘Arts and Politics’
Strengthening the links between arts and politics via generating general interest in the Art Faculty of the Universidad of Antioquia, activating research projects and artistic practices focused on social transformation and politics which can link art students at the university, and spreading research and art practices regarding art, politics and social transformation in Colombia.

Saioa Olmo Alonso (Spain / UNIDEE Partial Grant)

saoia My name is Saioa Olmo. I do projects of art through which I experiment with ways of achieving goals in a participative way. I am interested in themes related with our social and everyday life such as: gender roles, branding and identity in relation with community feelings, the emancipation of young people, the construction of History…
I enjoy working in group and in collaboration with others. I have made projects such as: “The Rides are Back” with Consonni art producer; projects of art and gender as member of Pripublikarrak such as: “Galleteras. Active Memory”, “Cocktellations”, “Why…?”; “Euskadi Trademark”;  “Emancipator Bubble”… More info in: www.ideatomics.com

Project: ‘Futurize. Future Scenes Through Arts’
Imagining the desirable future but focusing on the case study in artistic expressions: researching how foresights are imagined, visualised and displayed in art disciplines, taking advantage of the differential aspects that the artistic field can offer.

Sumakshi Singh (India / Zegna Grant)

sumakshi2Singh received an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (SAIC) in 2003 and a BFA from Maharaja Sayajirao University, Baroda, India in 2001. Singh’s sculpture and site-specific projects have been presented in solo and curated group gallery and museum exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, New York, Cologne, Shanghai, Zurich, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Charleston, Austin and New Haven among other cities. Recent solo shows include venues like Van Harrison Gallery New York, NY, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Kashya Hildebrand Galerie, Zurich , Gallery 400, UIC, Chicago, IL, Halsey Gallery, Charleston, SC, Sculpture Space, NY, CAW, New Haven and upcoming solo shows at Project 88, Mumbai, and Arts I, Delhi. She has had group shows at many venues including the Mattress Factory Museum of Contemporary Art, Pittsburg, PA Illinois State Museum, IL, ArtHouse Texas, TX, Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, Susan Geschiedle gallery, Chicago Lisa Boyle Gallery, Chicago and Gallery 2.

Project: ‘Graffiti Boards’
The collecting of images from the community and adhering them layer over layer to form a ‘graffiti board’, inviting the public to scratch messages and images onto it for two months.
‘The Lady of Shallot’
The mapping and weaving perception in a specific site related to the textile mills. These ‘illusions’ will be woven or knitted onto the actual architectural surfaces and furniture with participation from the community. The image of illusion will be based on the textile mill and its objects as relevant to the people in the community.

Yana Kostova (Bulgaria / UniCredit Grant)

yanaYana Kostova is a curator and art critic based in Sofia. During her study in art theory at the National Academy of Arts, Sofia she has been guest curator at the Meeting-Point at the Sofia City Gallery and contributor to the ‘Kultura’ weekly. She specialized arts management at the ICCM, Salzburg, critical theory at the University of fine arts, Cuenca (Spain), Cultural studies at the Free University, Berlin, Visual culture at Del Bianco Foundation, Florence. Later she has carried out curatorial internships at the Peggy Guggenheim Museum in Venice and at Kunsthaus Graz. Recently she is consulting ARC Projects Gallery Sofia/Edinburgh and is associate curator at Art Today Association, Plovdiv since 2006. As a PhD candidate in curatorial practices related to CEE at the New Bulgarian University, Sofia she teaches gallery policies and beside different curatorial approaches she is interested in areas linked to institutional criticism, post-socialist and East European studies, activism, queer discourse, urban environment. She has edited the catalogue “Bulgaria?…Oh, yeah, Bucharest!” and contributes to the magazines Eikon, Vlna, Flash Art, Kultura, Homo Ludence, Lik.

Project: ‘Summer Curatorial Symposium (SCS)’
The SCS aims to provide a platform for regular meetings of international art professionals and scholars in the field of curatorial studies in the ancient city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. It will function as an academic seminar for young curators while becoming a place for discussion, analysis and exchange of experience between prominent art professionals.


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